Providing regular, reliable Recycling pickup all over Dili

Ami Nia Ojetivu:

1) Ajuda mantein ambiente moos no hakmatek. 

2) Atu kria serbisu ba ema Timor

3) Atu prevene sunu lixu plastiku no atu prevene lixu plastiku, botir, besi ba soe iha tasi ka ambiente fatin-foer.

4) Enkorajen ema atu hadomi ambiente

Our aims:

1) To help keep the environment clean and peaceful

2) To create jobs for Timorese

3) To prevent rubbish from being burned or going into our oceans and landfills

4) To encourage people to love the environment

How does this work?

We want to keep this as simple as possible:

Easy: We provide bins

You sort – Plastic, Metal, Glass

We pickup!

We take it to Caltech in Comoro for recycling

Pergunta / Questions?  Contact us at: [email protected]